Domed Stickers

Domed Stickers are a popular form of product labelling and brand identity with a scratch-resistant domed coating to protect your company logo or design. They will stick to almost all smooth and flat surfaces. Perfect for indoor product branding!

Clear Stickers

Clear Stickers (also referred to as transparent stickers) with no coloured background. These are great for printing complex shaped logos onto simple shapes such as circle, oval, square or rectangle, as non-printed areas will show through the colour of the surface the sticker is applied to.

Art Paper Stickers

Art paper stickers are great for indoor product labelling. Available in white matt / gloss material and brown kraft paper.

Weatherproof Stickers

Weather proof Stickers are a hard-wearing, water resistant sticker. These are great for outdoor use. Available in white, silver and gold colours.


Why Choose Stickers International?

Stickers International can help boost the visibility of your brand or design, with our fantastic range of vinyl, metallic and domed stickers. Stickers International is your ideal partner for all your custom sticker requirements.

Free Complimentary design and setup

We will help you design your stickers for free!

Custom Sticker Printing

Our extensive range of products are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, giving you the freedom of choice to design the perfect custom stickers.

High Quality Finish

All our custom stickers are printed with state of the art, high resolution machinery to make your design or company logo with perfection and quality. They also offer fantastic adhesion, colour reproduction and excellent durability for indoor applications.

Happy to Help

If you get stuck we're more than happy to help out, simply give us a call on +65 6376 0881 or email us using the contact form. Our Sales representatives are available through Mon - Fri from 8:30am - 6pm. Our office is closed on Public Holiday.